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Purchasing Local Tickets In India

Mon Jul 16, 2001 8:49 pm

Need some help from board members on the following routing: DEL-KTM-BOM-DEL

A relative is using a Virgin reward ticket to fly LHR-DEL-LHR. However they need to do a local/regional segment, as indicated above.

Apparently foreigners in India have to purchase tickets in US$ or have to go through the airline doing their international segment. I tried booking it through Virgin and they quote me a whopping £420 for the journey. Does anyone know any alternatives where i can get a cheaper fare ? Also can anyone clarify the situation regarding purchase of domestic/regional tickets for visitors in India.

Thanks in advance

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RE: Purchasing Local Tickets In India

Tue Jul 17, 2001 12:11 am

Non Indian citizens may purchase tickets in India from the operating carrier, but payment must be made in US Dollars or appropriate foreign currency.
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RE: Purchasing Local Tickets In India

Tue Jul 17, 2001 2:28 am

Air fares are quite regulated on domestic sectors, and are limited only by availability, so you can often buy a ticket on the spot for a flight the same day, at a reasonable fare. Check out either of India's leading private airlines for more information on fares, or Indian Airlines:


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RE: Purchasing Local Tickets In India

Tue Jul 17, 2001 2:41 am

Indian Airlines also has an all you can fly ticket for 15 days for $500, which may be worth while if you make 4 sectors or more. Has there been a fanatical somewhere who has bought it to fly all day on the whole Indian network? Maybe I will ever be the first  Wink/being sarcastic
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