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Luton Airport

Tue Jul 17, 2001 3:04 am

Does anyone think that Luton Airport will get another runway built, or even extened the one it has at the moment?, a few long haul flights are going from there now, including 747's which are starting to land there, there's more traffic increasing and therefore another runway?


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RE: Luton Airport

Tue Jul 17, 2001 3:23 am

I would think that new taxiways would be a priority there being only one between apron and runway. I also recall that aircraft landing often have to backtrack on the runway as it does not have a full length parallel taxiway.Any modifications would I'm sure involve demolishind the spectator area sitting in its great site between taxiway and runway
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RE: Luton Airport

Tue Jul 17, 2001 3:32 am


Thanks for your responce,

Speaking of the spectators part at Luton, I think they should turn the old control tower into a viewing spot, I think that would be a great place to be

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RE: Luton Airport

Tue Jul 17, 2001 3:38 am

What 747's are comming to luton??? Just some BA stuff or cargo or what??
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RE: Luton Airport

Tue Jul 17, 2001 3:55 am

Does Luton need to be expanded? The only meaningful users of the airport are easyJet and Monarch (with minimal JMC and Ryanair flights thrown in). Other than the large Monarch maintenance facility I don't think there's much non-commercial activity. Now that easyJet is focusing in it's European gateways (GVA, AMS), I don;t think we can expect too much expansion on thier part.

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RE: Luton Airport

Tue Jul 17, 2001 4:02 am

Luton is London's snow and ice airport. In the winter it is the most likely London airport to have cold weather flight cancellations, it is to be avoided in the winter and therefore further investment would get a poor return. Don't bother. Stansted is far better, and Gatwick for easyJet.
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RE: Luton Airport

Fri Jul 20, 2001 5:02 am

Dear all,

I actually work for at Luton Airport, I constantly see the airport overcrowded, when I came off holiday, I landed at Luton, instead of leaving the runway at the other end, we were only half way off, reason being as I looked out of the window, 5 aircraft waiting to take off and in the distance I could see nearly 4 landing lights, in the sky waiting to come into landing, The 747's that come in are mainly cargo, but each Monday we have I think an Air Atlantic 747-100, although in the past there have been Corse Air 747-300's in, JMC are getting more and more slots at Luton, and Ryanair are getting there share to. The problem with Stansted is that it takes so long to get to, if you dont mind me saying so! Luton is a very easy place to get to, although parking is like doing an 'O' level, very difficult, not even I understand it!!

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