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Continental's N-numbers

Mon Jun 14, 1999 11:53 pm

I notice that virtually none of Continental's aircraft carry the typical NxxxCO registration that one might expect apropos to the airline. That is, they differ from Delta's N126DL or American's N433AA. Continental's aircraft registrations are, for example, N15659. Why does Continental not request or reserve N-numbers with letters on the end that would be visually specific to Continental Airlines? Just curious...

RE: Continental's N-numbers

Tue Jun 15, 1999 12:01 am

I don't know the exact reason, but CO has always done reg #'s this way. The last three digits of the reg # almost always correspond to the ship # in CO fleet. Hence, N77001, is Ship #001 (the first 777, incidentally).
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RE: Continental's N-numbers

Tue Jun 15, 1999 1:08 am

This is also the same with the Continental Express fleet. For example reg number N15967 would be ship #967 from our RJ-145 fleet. This particular plane would be a LRJ model based in IAH and incidentally one of our newest jets.

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RE: Continental's N-numbers

Tue Jun 15, 1999 11:56 am

I agree. I was on two CO flights this weekend and I was on plane N14342, which had the ship # "342" on the gear door.
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RE: Continental's N-numbers

Wed Jun 16, 1999 1:17 am

Here's how it works: The FAA does not allow the letters "O" or "I" to be used.... to avoid confusion with the numbers "0" and "1". Therefore "NxxxCO" is not possible.
Some of the older A300's were Reg. "NxxxC", and some of the 'used' aircraft still have the original Reg. #. But All new planes are "NyyXXX" (y= random #, X= fleet #).
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