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SAS Hub(s)

Wed Jul 18, 2001 7:36 am

What are SAS' hub(s)? Is ARN the headquarters? Thanks.
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RE: SAS Hub(s)

Wed Jul 18, 2001 8:16 am

I think Copenhagen is SAS's main hub at the moment and Stockholm and Oslo are the other SAS's hubs.
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RE: SAS Hub(s)

Thu Jul 19, 2001 5:35 am

Stockholm is Company HQ.
Main hubs are CPH,ARN and OSL.Operationally,the CPH hub is the main,as it is the intercontinental hub of SAS.
According to SAS policy,new destinations will more often than not be served initially from CPH,then from the 2 other hubs when the traffic increases.
The 3 hubs are more or less equal as regards maintenance.
"Secondary" hubs are Gøteborg (GOT) and Bergen (BGO).Fairly extensive domestic and international network but no crewbases.
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RE: SAS Hub(s)

Thu Jul 19, 2001 3:49 pm

If everything works out for SAS - the bid for Braathens will be accepted and they has announced that SAS wil start more nonstop services from OSL and BGO....avoiding the usually stop and change of aircraft in CPH.

SAS has 3 crewbases: CPH, ARN and OSL.
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RE: SAS Hub(s)

Thu Jul 19, 2001 5:25 pm

The SAS routes between OSL and BGO have never been routed via CPH in Denmark! Copenhagen is situated 1h 10m flying time South of Oslo while Bergen is situated 50m flying time West of Oslo. With the Braathens deal SAS customers will only have more frequencies between OSL and BGO.

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RE: SAS Hub(s)

Thu Jul 19, 2001 6:02 pm

Heisan67 says FROM BGO and OSL not BETWEEN.
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RE: SAS Hub(s)

Thu Jul 19, 2001 8:53 pm

SVG is a more important secondary hub than BGO. SAS has only two routes from BGO (OSL and CPH), while they have four routes from SVG (ABZ, CPH, OSL and STN). SAS will increase frequencies between OSL/BGO/SVG and CPH if they take over Braathens. A new route from SVG to FRA is also being considered.
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RE: SAS Hub(s)

Thu Jul 19, 2001 11:30 pm

Is it SVG a maintenance base for Braathens??

If yes, I can see SAS use it for their B737NG fleet if the SK/BU deal will go on.