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Uk Charter Shakeup = End For Britannia

Wed Jul 18, 2001 6:47 pm

After conversations with staff from three of the Uk's best know Charter Airlines, it seems that a major change is heading for the UK Charter carriers. JMC, Airtours and Britannia could all have disappeared within two years as they are rebranded or merged with other airlines.

The rumors are that Airtours will change to My Travel under a massive rebranding of the company, while jmcAIR will finally be merged with Condor to form Condor international. But perhaps the biggest change is the possible disappearance of Britannia. After talking with a BY station manger, it seams unclear wether the change will consist of a corprate rebrand or a compleate name change and merger with Hapag Lloydd, but whatever the outcome, it will be in place by February 2001 in preperation for the summer season. (The name 'Oulf Mercedes' has been mentioned!)

None of the above is confirmed and the company websites have no news relating to these rumors. Has anyone else heard them? Can someone confirm, rubbish them? (PLEASE!)
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RE: Uk Charter Shakeup = End For Britannia

Wed Jul 18, 2001 9:04 pm

Britannia are owned by the thompson group.
JMCAir is owned by JMC.

JMC is owned by pegasus of germany.
Peagasus have just bought thompson group.

jmc is now up for sales with C&N touristic favourites.

C&N are backed by lufthansa.

Airtours international also have amongst others the premier brand.It is likely that the airline with be called premier.

JMC also owns thomas cook holidays, which has just mergered with bA holidays.

JMC may by bought by British Airways.

until JMC is sold, the market wont change postitions.
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