Most Leg Room On 737

Tue Jun 15, 1999 4:23 am

What Economy Class seat on the 737 has the most leg room? Also, have you ever sat in a bulkhead seat(very front of Economy Class) that had no tray table in the armrest?

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RE: Most Leg Room On 737

Tue Jun 15, 1999 4:31 am

I was once in a bulkhead seat on American Eagle that didn't have a tray table in the armrest. I think that the plane was a Saab 340B, the flight was IAD-JFK. Instead of a normal armrest table, this plane had traytables stored in a compartment and the flight attendant had to attach it to the seat for the passenger to use it. It just snapped into place, so it didn't take much time to attach, but I thought that was kind of odd.
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RE: Most Leg Room On 737

Tue Jun 15, 1999 11:53 am

I was just in a plane this weekend. MSY-IAH. I was on both 737 and 757, and even though the 75 is a bigger jet i thought there was more legroom on the 73!! The big 757 felt quite cramped. I sat in 20F on the 73; 30A on the 757. Last year I was on a 75 in a bulkhead row and the tray folded down inside the armrest. There was plenty of legroom there.
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RE: Most Leg Room On 737

Tue Jun 15, 1999 7:03 pm

Most? A [737]BBJ by far, no matter who the operator is. :-))
Yeah - I know. Feeble.
Ansett once upon a time had one of theirs in a 33" configuration which was good.
Didn't last all that long though.
To swing it the other way, worst I've ever
had was 28" on EgyptAir 732 from Cairo down to Luxor and Aswan. Nil recline so
couldn't even get an extra inch that way either. As I'm 6'1". it was a sight and a half to see me trying to manouever into that row.
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RE: Most Leg Room On 737

Wed Jun 16, 1999 1:18 am

Canadian Airlines, I believe, has an economy seat pitch of 34", the same as international economy class on most major airlines.

RE: Most Leg Room On 737

Wed Jun 16, 1999 5:45 am

On Airbus aircraft, if you sit in the front with the bulkhead facing you, the flight attendant takes a tray out of the meal cart and renforces the tray onto the armrests.

The airline I think has the most legroom on the 737 is Continental. Of course now with Midway Airlines entering the picture with the 73G, that might change, as they are known for their legroom in coach.