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MAS 744 - New Configuration?

Fri Jul 20, 2001 3:20 pm

Noted in JP that same of MAS´ 744s are listed with P18/J50/Y318 configuration instead of the usual P24/J60/Y318! Have MAS finally started to configurate the 744s with full flat seats in First and 50" pitch in Business like in the 777s?? Haven´t been able to find any info on this on the MAS home page.

Thanks for info

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RE: MAS 744 - New Configuration?

Sat Jul 21, 2001 3:14 am

Their timetable shows these two configurations but many of their 744's (except for the 744 Combis) have now been reconfigured with the lower density F and C classes. The new F class seats offer a pitch of 72 inches and recline 165 degrees (therefore not fully flat). The new C class seats have a pitch of 50 inches and recline to 145 degrees. All the newly configured aircraft have PTV's in all classes and in F and C, a bigger 10.4 inch screen with touch-screen features. The onboard Business Centre offered on MAS's 772 is also available on these 744s.

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All 744 Are New!

Sat Jul 21, 2001 5:13 am

MAS had recently just finished confirgurating their B744s to the new confirguration of F18, C 50 and Y 318 (with the exceptions of their Combis) This is found in their current Summer 2001 timetable and there is no more old configuration left on the Summer 2001 timetable. All Coach Class passengers enjoy the PTVs and the First and Business Class passengers get to enjoy their 10.4" touch screen PTVs with Audio and Video On Demand services.