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Air Malta Passenger Threatens To Blow Up Jet

Wed Jul 25, 2001 3:21 am

Air Malta passenger threatens to blow up jet
A 31-year-old Italian is expected to be arraigned in court today for making terrorism threats to the cabin crew of an Air Malta jet just before take off yesterday morning.

The flight was about to take off when it was aborted.

The Italian, Francesco Andrisani of Turin, is alleged to have told the crew he was going to explode the aircraft. He is claiming he said this only as a joke, the police said.

Flight KM612 to Rome was delayed by an hour because of the incident.

A spokesman for the company said the flight was scheduled to leave at 9.25 a.m. but had to turn back after taxiing, when the threat was made.

The captain reported the incident to the police, who boarded the aircraft and arrested the man on the spot.


The passenger, reportedly being part of Gigi D'Agostini's entourage, has been arraigned in court, pleaded guilty and fined. He was also banned from flying AirMalta and probably other airlines too.
Nice going.