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BUR Airport/Southwest Incident Reference

Wed Jul 25, 2001 6:45 am

I came across this picture of Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport below while searching the photo files, and thought it might make a good reference for two reasons:

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Photo © Aaron Hall

1) this is the end of the airport where the Southwest 737 ran off the end of the runway a while back. I believe the Chevron station he nearly hit is just above the MD-80 in the picture. Hollywood Way is the street right behind the blast barrier.

2) for those of you into airport development, check out how close the terminal is to the runways. The FAA's Advisory Circular's on Airport Design state that buildings must be a minimum of 750' from the centerline of any runway. Hence, BUR's desire and need to get a new terminal built. BTW, the terminal was built WAY before the AC's were drawn up. (I was on BUR's Part 150 Noise Committee back in 1986 while employed by LA County's Aviation Division)

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RE: BUR Airport/Southwest Incident Reference

Wed Jul 25, 2001 7:47 am

Shortly after the Southwest incident in Burbank, the Dallas Morning News had a good diagram of BUR (and DAL, too). It can be seen here: