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Too Many Exits Maybe?

Wed Jul 25, 2001 6:47 pm

I have seen many pics of the 'long' DC-8s and today when I saw this pic I thought that there is something weird. There are a lot of exits (7) on each side and I think there are more exits than really needed. There are 5 emergency exits and two main exits. Wouldn't this exit layout also limit seating capacity???

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Photo © Tom Hildreth

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RE: Too Many Exits Maybe?

Wed Jul 25, 2001 8:42 pm

You can never have too many exits for saftey reasons! I'd prefer flying on something with too many exits than too little!  Smile
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RE: Too Many Exits Maybe?

Wed Jul 25, 2001 11:53 pm

I was recently on a couple of Era Convair 580s. They only hold 50 passengers, but there are three window exits on each side, in addition to the door exits. Compare this with the much larger A319, 737-200, and DC-9-10, which only have one window exit on each side.

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