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Ruslan Sighting

Wed Jun 16, 1999 2:00 pm

Hi! Today I saw an An-124-100 (RA-52047) of Volga-Dnepr at Denver Intl. I just wanted to know if anybody had any idea why it could be there and where it is from? Thanks!
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RE: Ruslan Sighting

Thu Jun 17, 1999 1:01 pm

It would have been a cargo charter of some sort. I see simular aircraft at IAH every two or three weeks.
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RE: Ruslan Sighting

Thu Jun 17, 1999 2:40 pm

Its kind of a shock to have that monster bearing down on you, eh Flyf15 :)

Its probably there to move some oversize load that couldn't be done with a 747. We get them into YWG every few weeks to transport farm machinery like combines and stuff to Russia. Bombardier is also using them like airbus uses the A300 super transporter. They ship finished Dash-8 and CRJ fuselages from Ireland, where they are built by Shorts, to Montreal, Dorval for final assembaly. Don't know what specificaly is in DEN though?