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Free Pilot Training?!

Thu Jul 26, 2001 4:32 pm

In surfing the SAA website I noticed that SAA recruits perspective pilots and through a selection process chooses candidates which the airline fully trains for FREE! Upon completion of the program, those offered employment start out at SA Airlink or SA Express and work their way up to the 744's which the site claims takes 12 years on average. Those who are not offered employment are not required to pay the airline for the training and are free to seek employment elsewhere.

This is an awesome program but is only for citizens of South Africa, my question is this, What other airlines offer programs like this and who are they open to?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
Mike from Stellenbosch, South Africa
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RE: Free Pilot Training?!

Thu Jul 26, 2001 5:28 pm

Actually, a lot of airlines in Asia and Europe have these programs, like SQ, CX, BA, LH, etc... generally countries where they don't have a sizeable military, or regional airlines to recruit pilots from.

As you can imagine, they are very competitive to get in.

In the US, we have a large military as well as many regional airlines, which provide an ample supply of pilots, therefore no need for the airlines train them from scratch.
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RE: Free Pilot Training?!

Thu Jul 26, 2001 10:21 pm

BA does a similar scheme,
this link should help you out. hope it works...