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Takeoff-field-length For Airbus A340-500/-600?

Fri Jul 27, 2001 7:21 am

The new generation Airbus models will have much more powerful engines than the old A340-200 and 300. Does anybody know how this will affect the takeoff-field-length of the new aircraft? Will the required runway length be shorter because of the added power or will the increase in thrust be consumed by the greater Maximum Takeoff Weight?

I know that you have to take into consideration additional factors like temperature, etc. But what about a general trend of the estimated takeoff-performance? I couldn’t find any information about this topic so far. Of course the A340-500 will have to be judged after its first flight but since the A340-600 has performed several flights to date maybe someone has already gained some facts about this question.

Thanks for your help