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Fly Ata?

Fri Jul 27, 2001 9:25 pm

I have a question.......

I have a meeting in Denver on 8/6/01. A Monday. Normally, I know in advance about meetings, so I can get a lower rate for airfare.

This one just came up. I usually fly UA from Chicago to Denver for a good price. My company is beginning to tighten the purse strings on air travel, so we are advised to find the cheapest airfare out there.

Right now, on UA, a ticket going out on Sat. night and returning Mon. night is running around $650.

I found $345 on ATA for the same times and they are now offering the 737-800 on the MDW-DEN route.

I also checked Frontier airlines and they are offering $544. I believe they fly 737-300s.

I know that AA in the past has offered some last minute deals on first class to Denver from ORD for around $400.

Anyone have any advice on which route to choose. I have heard nothing bad about either ATA or Frontier, but I am more comfortable flying either UA or AA.

Thanks in advance!

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