Eastwind Experience

Thu Jun 17, 1999 5:03 am

If you have flown on Eastwind, could you describe your experience here? Food, interiors, etc

Colin Kumpunen
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RE: Eastwind Experience

Thu Jun 17, 1999 9:38 am

I flew Eastwind on 7/2 and 7/3/96 from RIC-TTN-BOS and back. The planes were both ex-USAir 737-2H5s, still with USAir's interior, blue seats with little red things on them. That was the interior just before US Airways' current one. I departed RIC on N221US, and I was surprised at how clean it was inside in relation to my connecting aircraft, N220US. I later found out that N221US had been out of service due to an uncommanded roll on approach to Richmond a couple of weeks before, and this was its first flight since it had been returned to service. No wonder it was clean.
We were delayed leaving RIC due to lack of a tug for pushback. We had to wait until the major airlines had finished using it.
At Trenton, our connecting point, we walked down the steps of N221US and right up the steps of N220US. We never went into the terminal at all.
At Boston, we executed a missed approach. The captain announced that the plane ahead of us had not cleared the runway, so we had to go around and do it again. We landed and parked at the USAir Shuttle terminal.
I don't remember the food service, if any, but the flight attendants were friendly and professional. I enjoyed flying Eastwind, but they soon pulled out of RIC, so I never flew them again.

Bob Bradley
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