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JFK-LHR SSC Service Eff. Aug.25

Sat Jul 28, 2001 12:53 pm

According to British Airways website, the concorde will restart services between JFK and LHR.


BA 001 will depart LHR at 10:30
BA 002 will depart LHR at 19:00

BA 004 will depart JFK at 13:45
The second SSC JFK-LHR will start Aug.26

BA now offers 10 daily flights to LHR out of NYC.
6 744 flights@JFK, 2 SSC @ JFK, 2 772@EWR.

What do you think about this ?, When will AF will restart services ?

Don´t you think that they´ve waited a lot, there have been many 747´s and 767´s crashes and both are very popular airliners across the ocean ?

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RE: JFK-LHR SSC Service Eff. Aug.25

Sat Jul 28, 2001 9:11 pm

Don't expect Concorde services before september, three A/C have to be modified, one has been, a second is progressing, and the third has just started.
The date quoted could be a likely one for the re-issuing of the C of A, assuming that is on the cards.
That said, you could well see BA Concordes doing training/proving flights into JFK around then.
Expect AF to be about a month behind.
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RE: JFK-LHR SSC Service Eff. Aug.25

Sat Jul 28, 2001 10:14 pm

I would expect BA to trim some of of their JFK-LHR flights that are operated by 747-400s because some of these were inaugurated to fill the gap that the discontinuation of Concorde service left. Same with AF once/if they bring back their SSC service.
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RE: JFK-LHR SSC Service Eff. Aug.25

Sun Jul 29, 2001 3:49 am

I don't think they will trim any flights. The concorde serves a market much smaller and entirely different from the 747.