How Long Does It Take For An Airline To Change?

Sat Jul 28, 2001 6:19 pm

I am wondering, if a CEO really wants to institute a major change at an airline-can he just say OK from now on I want every employee to salute each customer (ex.)
Or does change trickle down requiring multiple offices and co leaders to agree on things before it is finally approved?

Take Deltas paint scheme. If a CEO decided he was sick of seeing Deltas old paint scheme and wanted them repainted or wanted to change the logo would that be too huge of a freedom to give one man (or woman)

Just wondering WHO changes airlines.

Like who gave the word that USAirways would get a new livery? Or would not only show movies on domestic flights but also short subjects as well (when NW doesnt show movies on many domestic flights any more at all but has short news shows)

Who decides that? And who has the power to change that decision?
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RE: How Long Does It Take For An Airline To Change?

Sat Jul 28, 2001 6:43 pm

If the CEO is also the owner of the airline (Virgin, Lauda, Martinair used to be like that for example) he can do what he wants of course in many things.
Changes affecting staff have to be OK'd in most of the world by labour unions.
Changes in the public image will probably have to be approved by the marketting department (or PR) and the shareholders as it has a direct potential effect on income.

New livery for example is probably initiated by marketting demands. Someone in marketting gets word that the old livery is no longer bringing across the corporate image (or is having a negative effect on sales) from some source, and marketting contacts a firm (or maybe has inhouse staff in case of large airlines) design a new livery.
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