Suites.... On The 777?

Thu Jun 17, 1999 2:45 pm

Sorry for compleatly missing the boat here but what's the deal with thease Suites that I keep hearing about? Will someone please elaborate.


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RE: Suites.... On The 777?

Thu Jun 17, 1999 3:19 pm

They are regular seats that extend to 6' 6" long totally flat bed, complete with a thin 'mattress' (so you won't feel the small space between the back and bottom cushion) and bedding. The traytable armrest lowers (only on UA) so that customers don't feel as 'hemmed in'. The suites are in open curtains...only a small 1' tall privacy barrier between the seats in the middle (layout: 1x2x1). Other than that, they contain the same amenites that other FC seats on UA have (PTV's...9 channels...personal video player). The suites are being deployed on UA's 777's, and coming very soon, the 747-400. Hope it helps!! If you have any more q's, don't hesitate to ask!


(I will try to post a pic for you, C-GAGN!)