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SIA Launches Wisemen

Fri Jun 18, 1999 12:07 am

WISEMEN was officially unveiled in the First and Raffles Class section on SIA. WISEMEN is a audio-video on demand system that gives the passenger control over what to watch, listen, whenever you like. It has 25 movies and 50 short features as compared to the previous 13 and 25 respectively.
WISEMEN allows the user to stop, pause and rewind, so that there will be no missed portions of the film.
It also have 50 music CDs to choose from, the largest selection of any airline.
WISEMEN is currently available on SIN-LON and SIN-SYD.
With other features like 10 Nintendo games, and Dolby Surround sound, don't you wish to be on a SIA flight?

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