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Help At Lax!

Mon Jul 30, 2001 4:28 pm

HELP ME!!!!!! For the first time i'm venturing out on my own, AT LAST. But i'm just a little nervous about LAX. I work at YUL,but comparing the 2 airports is like comparing an elephant to a mouse. You see, i will have 2 hours between my flights, i just want to know if i have enough time to for form one terminal to the next. If i did my research correct then i will be arriving at terminal 2 and i will need to get to tom bradley international ...i think thats what it is called. I just want ot know, is 2 hours long enough?? Is it complicated to navigate my way through?? Does anyone know if i have to check my bags again with the next carrier or will they do it for me... as we do in yul. Anything anyone can share with me would be a great help. thanks alot.

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RE: Help At Lax!

Mon Jul 30, 2001 4:51 pm

From terminal two to Tom Bradley Int'l terminal is about a 10 minutes walk. 2 hours is plenty to tour Bradley terminal & see some great aircraft movement action. Not complex at all to navigate. From T-2, go outside, turn right & you'll see it in front of you off to the left.
Best thing to do is go to the upper level first before you go over. More to see that way. Have a good trip. Regards.
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RE: Help At Lax!

Mon Jul 30, 2001 5:11 pm

thanks alot. let me write this down. It will also help my mom sleep better now. Thanks alot....i' the baby of the family thats why incase you want to know!!
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RE: Help At Lax!

Tue Jul 31, 2001 12:20 am

LAX does have a free shuttle that runs around the horseshoe, picking up and dropping off at all terminals. But, the walk isn't bad at all, like the post above said.

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RE: Help At Lax!

Tue Jul 31, 2001 1:24 am

Enjoy your connection at LAX! One of the most beautiful airports I've been...
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RE: Help At Lax!

Tue Jul 31, 2001 1:40 am


Go to the In and Out burger just north of runways 25L/R (or whichever two are on the north side). You can get a great meal, but even better, you can stand on the sidewalk near there right underneath the threshold and watch the planes land, really fun, especially when a 744 comes in!


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