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Mon Nov 30, 1998 5:55 am

I would like to clarify this:

1º I don't know much of aviation as you all know.
2º This is the only forum that I read, wonderful forum, good work Johan.
3º I don't think I was rude, I just express my opinion. The reply from FedEx that was very rude and the reply from CX747 shows some fanaticism, WW2???
4º Everybody has the right to ask any aviation related questions, but don't forget that everybody has also the right to express their ideas. I'm sorry if I don't agree with something but anyway, I will never again repeat that comments.
5º I think that americans and europeans have different ways of doing things but PLEASE don't say who are the better or the best.
6º MD11 SORRY FOR ANYTHING, please don't misunderstand me. Email me at airluis@yahoo.com, I would like to hear from you.

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Mon Nov 30, 1998 9:43 am

To do with Mirage's 5th point. Yes, Europeans and Americans have different ways of thinking. In fact, Americans think differently from most other 'first world' contries!
Anyway, as I've said before, rivalry is OK but as long as no one says stright out that one side is better.
The best way to have a territorial dispute between the Europeans and Americans is to just make whitty cynical comments every few days. Like my comment on Americans above.
Hopfully, this way we can avoid any types of nuclear stock piles!


PS. in order to justify this post as being aviation related, I'd like to say how much I love the F.70!!