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Flying A Simulator

Tue Jul 31, 2001 1:15 pm

Hi !

Have any of you got Information about airline simulators! Jet planes (MD,B737,767). Maybe online info, and tips for first timers. If any of you could tell me typical PILOTS SLANG expressions..I would really apreciate it!

Thank you in advance

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RE: Flying A Simulator

Tue Jul 31, 2001 1:52 pm


Here is the website that you can order online. I have been flying simulator over 10 years for ATP now called Airliner Simulator 2 and will be release AS3 soon. It is great flight simulator in the world! Try this.

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RE: Flying A Simulator

Tue Jul 31, 2001 2:50 pm

you talking about full motion sims or computer sims?

What pilot slang do you want to know?
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RE: Flying A Simulator

Tue Jul 31, 2001 2:58 pm

If you want to get into a real simulator, I highly suggest you visit,, the ATOP program. I went through it last year and it was excellent training, plus you get to log some B737-200 sim time. It requires at least a student pilots certificate to participate. It's pretty intense training, but lots of fun. Sometimes they offer high altitude pressurized aircraft endorsements in the B737 simulator for an extra fee.

Super great if you can get to Denver.

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RE: Flying A Simulator

Tue Jul 31, 2001 3:11 pm

If you've got a whole lot of money, you can rent one of United's simulators in Denver. They've got a simulator of just about every United Air Lines aircraft, and I believe these are what they use to train their pilots. For more information, visit United's website at

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RE: Flying A Simulator

Tue Jul 31, 2001 5:16 pm

Contact Lufthansa flight training they offer "Funflights"
you can go on every type of aircraft you want. costs are between 450DM up to 800DM
on there is a link to the operator of this events.