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Fearwell Kai Tak Livery

Tue Jul 31, 2001 6:34 pm

does anybody has a picture of the cs fearwell kai tak livery? ive been hearing a LOT about it but i still havent seen it.... thanks a lot  Smile

RE: Fearwell Kai Tak Livery

Tue Jul 31, 2001 8:59 pm

That L1011 is fictional. It doesn't exist. I've got its model though, and you can find the "flyable" version for FS at flightsim.com.
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RE: Fearwell Kai Tak Livery

Tue Jul 31, 2001 9:29 pm

Are you talking about the yellow one ???. That was made by the old company I worked for, Airliners Group in San Po Kong.

Wow you are, I just had a look !!, but its for the old Flightsim.
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RE: Fearwell Kai Tak Livery

Wed Aug 01, 2001 12:55 am

Hey HKGspotter, what happened to that company ? last time I went there the shop seemed to have closed down, and no one answers the phone .

what happened to it ?

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