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San Diego Int. Airport Issue

Wed Aug 01, 2001 2:52 am

I think this has to do with civil aviation, if it's more of a military discussion, tell me before it get's deleted.

Back in 1994 we had to vote on wiether to convert the then Miramar NAS (now Miramar MCAS) to an airport, the the main arguement against it was the factor of noise. If you've been to San Diego you know we have a crappy airport.

I idea was that airplanes going in and out would create more noise than the daily F-14/F-18 training flights that goes on there. While this makes sense mathematically, I figure it's a misguided thought because during a combat situation nobody complains about the noise, so military planes are louder than airliners.

Basic question: Are the engines on airliners, regardless of regulations, more or less louder than those being put on combat aircraft?

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RE: San Diego Int. Airport Issue

Wed Aug 01, 2001 3:10 am

San Diego should go ahead and use Miramar because no matter where anybody builds an airport anymore it's going to get noise complaints. Case in point: One of the problems with Denver's old stapleton airport was the noise in the areas around it. So Denver built an new airport and amazingly enough there are still noise violations. And it will only get worse as airports have a tedency to attract new growth.
And to answer your question, fighter jets are far louder than commercial jets.
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RE: San Diego Int. Airport Issue

Wed Aug 01, 2001 7:58 pm

I would think that civil aviation engines are built to a quieter standard. Consider though, that the noise from a civil airport is regular and consistent while noise from a military airport is irregular and may occur at any and all hours.

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