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Mon Nov 30, 1998 7:09 am

Over the weekend I read on flight international that KLM has a 747F other than the two they already converted from a 747-206SUD to F they have a respective reg. as PH-BUH and PH-BUI, I was wondering if flight international is right then what kind of 747F does KLM have?
When did they buy these one, or when did they lease it, or from who did it come from?
new or old?
I also want to know the reg. PH-B??


ps. I agree that KLM has one of the sexiest FA.
And that the Alitalia agreement is cool, works well with NWA and CO
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Tue Dec 01, 1998 1:38 am

KLM only has the PH-BUH and PH-BUI as their own full-freighters. Extra capacity is leased from ATLAS, HeavyLift (A300 and Belfast) and Schreiner (hercules). So there's no 3rd 747, unless they mean the ATLAS-one...