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Fri Jun 18, 1999 1:27 pm

What did Denver do with Stapleton once Denver International started? I know Fly15 is from Denver any information from anyone would be helpful?

Thanks in advance

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RE: Stapleton?

Fri Jun 18, 1999 1:49 pm

Well... I don't get much info about it from the news, but here's what I know. The City of Denver is currently taking bids for the land from many developing agencies. Looks like its going to be a little bit of everything, including shopping malls, apartments, housing divisions, parks with swingsets, etc. Last time I was there (a year ago), all the runways appeared to be torn up and only a few buildings were standing. Some aircraft were still there though.
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RE: Stapleton? National Weather Service

Fri Jun 18, 1999 11:38 pm

When I was there in March it was a National Weather Service Office, the aircraft there were owned and opperated by them. The airport is a sad site to see.
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RE: Stapleton? National Weather Service

Sat Jun 19, 1999 4:21 am

I believe that UA's pilot training center (largest in the world) is there, too.

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RE: Stapleton

Sat Jun 19, 1999 5:14 am

Last I heard, they turned it into a giant post office/mail processing center. I remember that because a few years back one of the many disgruntled postal workers in this fair country opened fire there. It was all over the national news.
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RE: Stapleton

Sat Jun 19, 1999 8:32 am

Most if not all of the terminal building have been demolished,even the airport spent millions to renovate them a couple years prior to moving. The control will continue to stand,what they are going to do with it is anybody's guess.