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Help For London-Dayton

Fri Aug 03, 2001 6:06 am

Hi all

I am supposed to be travelling to Dayton next May for a wedding and I am trying to decide which way to go. I am pretty well decided on AA via ORD (I haven't been there in years and I want to see it for myself how congested it is! Of course, the fact that I can fly on a 777 is a contributory factor). However, the AAL site is down or EXTREMELY slow at the moment, so I wonder if anyone could help me on the ORD-DAY flights; I understand these are operated by Eage and I'm wondering what types are operated; I'd love to fly in the Embraer 135 or 140 (preferably both!)

Anyone have any other ideas or suggestions?
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RE: Help For London-Dayton

Fri Aug 03, 2001 6:40 am

Another option would be to fly Delta to CVG. At CVG you could either fly up on Comair, or rent a car from CVG. It takes around an hour, by car, to get to Dayton. That would actually probably be faster than flying through ORD. There are only 3 or 4 international flights per day into CVG, so the customs facility is pretty quick.
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RE: Help For London-Dayton

Fri Aug 03, 2001 7:09 am

You could also take US Airways via PIT or PHL and take their 767 or brand new A-330 to the US and a 737, F100, or Turboprop to Dayton. You also might be able to take United via Washington DC if you really want a B777.

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RE: Help For London-Dayton

Fri Aug 03, 2001 7:18 am

I'm not sure if ORD-DAY rates an Embraer jet yet...you still might be on an ATR.
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RE: Help For London-Dayton

Fri Aug 03, 2001 7:28 am

You should try Continental through Cleveland.

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RE: Help For London-Dayton

Fri Aug 03, 2001 10:11 am

All Eagle cities from ORD are now flown with ERJ aircraft. From ORD to DAY, you'll be on an ERJ-145.
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RE: Help For London-Dayton

Fri Aug 03, 2001 1:44 pm

Do you have a preference going via Heathrow or Gatwick or does it not matter. If you don't mind going to Gatwick Delta via Cincinatti sounds like an easy way to go. Rent a car in Cincinatti and drive the 50 miles to Dayton and then use the rental car there. Or take a shuttle into Dayton.

Incase that doesn't sound appealing American has flights (All on ERJ-145) from ORD-Dayton:

7:45 AM - 9:46
11:16AM -1:23
1:42 PM-3:47
6:12 PM- 8:26
8:40 PM-10:48


This are probably all subject to change since these are today's schedules, but I hope this is useful. There are also 2 767 flights to Chicago but it didn't seem like you were very interested in them...
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RE: Help For London-Dayton

Fri Aug 03, 2001 2:58 pm

Why would you rent a car when Comair has quite a few flights running between CVG & DAY that Delta would put you on if you booked to DAY and it probably wouldn't cost much, if any more. I bet that would be cheaper than a rent a car and easier too. But I admit it is a very easy drive up I75 that is less than a hour, but I'd take the 18 min flight on a nice CRJ. Just a thought.  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
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RE: Help For London-Dayton

Fri Aug 03, 2001 10:24 pm

OR even better you can fly Continental's 777 to Newark and then fly from EWR-DAY.