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Sabena Questions

Sat Aug 04, 2001 9:37 am

I was watching the 'In Cockpit' video showing the A330 flight from Boston ( well done) when they started to go off on how well Sabena was doing. I am assuming this video was made in 1998 or 1999; they mention that Sabena was in a major fleet expansion, doubled its passengers, adding new routs, etc.You would think that they were going to overtake BA and Lufthansa within a few years!

What happened? Sabena seems close to death now, just 2 or 3 years later? Why? And how did Swissair get involed in this?

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RE: Sabena Questions

Sat Aug 04, 2001 10:19 am

Hello RAF,
We have made a lot of postage concerning this topic in the last 10 month. Please make a search with "sabena" or "swissair" as key word (or even with my nickname "spitfire"or "airbuspilot" or "myself"). I recommand you the mails of "HB-IWC".You will get the information you require. Anyway wait until the 9th of august to get the new business plan for Sabena.
Sabena ... Never to be forgotten (12 years already , what a shame !! )