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UAL 767, 777

Sun Aug 05, 2001 2:51 am

I will be flying from ORD-DEN in 2 weeks on a 767, what should I expect? Do the have PTV's?

What should I expect flying back to ORD on a 777?
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RE: UAL 767, 777

Sun Aug 05, 2001 3:38 am

If you are on an International 777,as I was when I flew ORD-LAX in March,you will have PTV's.I'm not sure on the 767,though.
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RE: UAL 767, 777

Sun Aug 05, 2001 7:29 am

It depends on your flight. If you are on an international equiped plane of either the 767 or the 777, you will have PTVs. The domestic planes do not have personal televisions.

When you are at the gate for your flight. If your 763 has a nose number of 67XX then its a domestic 763. If it has a nose number of 63XX then it has PTVs. Anyother number is a 200, which does not have PTVs.

On the 777, the 25XX series are the only 777s that do not have PTVs. All others are international planes that have them.

For a 2 hour flight, the selection will be limited to 5 channels. Most of the programming leaves a lot to be desired. If I were you, I'd turn your PTV to the airshow map, and bring a good book. The PTVs are really not worth it, if movies are not being shown.

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