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Is A380 Really Ordered?

Sun Aug 05, 2001 8:30 am

This topic has been archived so will have to start again.

Ther are several reasons why I have my doubts that the 380 has been really launched, by which I mean the EADS board have given their approval to go full steam ahead with the entire project, including turning metal.

1. According to their own criteria they need 50 orders, and according to their official site, they only have 38.

2. We are entering a recession in aircraft orders.

3. Airbus were recently in Japan trying to find a risk sharing partner which they did not get.

4. Airbus have stated that the project will be partly financed from internal cash flows, which are in jepardy if the recession bites.

5. Although EADS has signifigant cash flow and improving cash flow, according to their own site, they made a net loss, even without financing this project.

The opinion of others would be appreciated.

Thanks Ruscoe.
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RE: Is A380 Really Ordered?

Sun Aug 05, 2001 8:39 am

The A380 is as firm a programme as the 747 was in 1966. And like the 747 at the same period, some of the most influencial airlines of the day have firm orders.
Every serious aviation source have the orders at 67, so some companies don't update their websites as much as they should.
The 747's early production period was blighted by a downturn, but they came through.