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How do you get on the field ??

Sun Dec 06, 1998 12:14 pm

I'd like to know how some of you guys get out onto the field to get some of these incredible pictures. There are some shots that I would love to get at CLE (Cleveland-Hopkins Intl.) ... Fedex A-310's, A-300's and B-727's just to name a couple.
Unfortunately, you can't get too many great shots standing across the street from the airport taking photos over a fence. I suspect that some of the shots are taken by people who work at the airports, and have access to the field. Any info. and/or tips would be appreciated.

Norm Walesch

RE: How do you get on the field ??

Mon Dec 07, 1998 8:59 am

At CLE you can get great shots from garage roof, also from the little hill which is beside Car Rental Building.


RE: How do you get on the field ??

Mon Dec 07, 1998 11:58 am

I can always get on the field at smaller airports like SNA or even private fields.

Try going to Cuyahoga Co , that seems small enough you shoul;d be able to get on the field if you just ask.

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