Air France photos & infos

Sun Jan 24, 1999 2:54 am


Have you any informations, pictures, photos, ... about Air France (AF) ?

I'm interested by the long haul aircrafts (Concorde, B747, B777, A340, ...)

Maybe I can give you informations about AF or another airline.

(I can speek english, french and german)

Thank you very much.

Alain Mengus

RE: Air France photos & infos

Mon Jan 25, 1999 5:59 am

I know I have pictures of the Concorde and an Air France 747 at Charles De Gaulle abotu 2 years ago. I will send them to u when I find them.

RE: Air France photos & infos

Fri Jan 14, 2000 5:27 am

Sauriez-vous me dire s`il existe toujours und
Air France Concorde F-BVFD ?
Eventuellement cette immatriculation a ete change parce que il se trouve nullepart un photo de cette Concorde.
Merci et Slts Peter

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