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PWA (Pacific Western) Pictures

Fri Mar 05, 1999 3:22 am

Hi...I've been looking for pictures of aircraft in Pacific Western (not Western Pacific) livery. Some 10 - 12 years ago, PWA bought out CP Air (Canadian Pacific - which by then included EPA - Eastern Provincial) to form Canadian Airlines International (their ticket code is still "CP"). PWA had earlier taken over the Manitoba-based regional airline, Transair, and later took over Quebecair and Nordair. After the formation of Canadian, PWA Industries also bought out Wardair Canada. However, I am finding that it's rather difficult to find PWA aircraft pics. The PWA fleet, at various times, included 737's, Lockheed Electra's, "Flying Boxcars", DC-3's and -4's, and (for a short while) a 727 - and possibly others I'm not aware of.
Also, any leads on Transair, late-Nordair, Eastern Provincial and Quebecair pics?
Tnx in advance for any info.

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