Inflight Magazines

Wed Jul 07, 1999 12:06 am

Hello i'm looking for inflight magazines from arond the world. Does anybody got some informations about them ? Maybe you know a web-page about inflight's ??

Elsewhere take a look at the page :


RE: Inflight Magazines

Sun Jul 18, 1999 9:51 am

For inflight magazines, I know a source that has quite a few, old and new ones of many carriers, T. M. Hobbies, C23 W38 Villa del Carmen, Ponce PR 00731-7745 USA, and their email address is
They also sell hundreds of rare airliner kits and decals, books and magazines, and photos and postcards. You will be surprised with the selection.
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RE: Inflight Magazines

Sun Jul 18, 1999 9:37 pm

I like inflight magazine very much!
So, I have many Asia Airlines and other place Airlines inflight magazine. For example;
Cathay Pacific Airways(From old to new),
Thai Airways Airways,Japan Asia Airways,Air Lanka
Canadian Airlines,ANA,United,China Airlines,Philippine Airlines,Dragonair,Korean Air,
many many.....
And I like to save the inflight saftey card too!
But I don't like sell, I just read it myself!
But anyway, welcome you concant me to char with airlines!

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