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Photo Quality Advice

Sat Jul 10, 1999 4:22 am

Can someone give me advice here? If you take pictures, do you have them developed at a large size? I had pictures developed at 4"x6" and when i scanned them, I increased the size so they would be larger than 640x480. Does this reduce the quality of the scanned picture? Is it better to scan it at original size and then "resize" it once it is already a .jpg file?
I took a bunch of pics and they developed crisp and clear but they are less crisp and clear after scanning and they were turned down when I submitted them.
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RE: Photo Quality Advice

Sat Jul 10, 1999 3:06 pm

I have my pictures developed at 4 x 6 in. I don't enlarge or reduce them when scanning. I scan at the original size at 150 dpi. When editing the photo, I sometimes crop as much as 1/3 of it, depending on the size of the aircraft. I then convert the photo to a jpeg file. I have not had photos rejected due to being too large or small. I did have trouble getting photos accepted when I scanned them at higher dpi, such as 600. The higher dpi makes the "thumbnail" photo very clear, but when enlarged, the photo loses its sharpness. I hope this info helps.

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