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Screensavers - Know any cool ones?

Thu Sep 16, 1999 11:16 pm

Just bought my 9 y/old son a PC on his own and he's airplane mad. [S'pose like his Dad is still - a little ]

Looking for cool screen savers for him.

U know any?


Trevor /

RE: Screensavers - Know any cool ones?

Sat Sep 18, 1999 4:06 am

Trevord - So here is another mad one who loves all aircrafts. I've managed to make my own screensavers with the planes I have. A good site is:

where you can look around and find some real good things.

Please reply as I will like to know if you managed to download some of them.

Best rgds
Richard Adams
São Paulo - Brazil

RE: Screensavers - Know any cool ones?

Thu Sep 30, 1999 3:12 am

I have created a couple of screen savers depicting aircraft of the "Original" Frontier Airlines. You can get it at and clicking on the "Simulator Downloads" button. Be advised, however, that version 2 is a 5.+ meg file. It is a straight forward install/un-install program.
Feel free to d/l and use it.

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