Need very specific pictures..

Thu Nov 18, 1999 5:36 am

If anyone has any pictures, or know of a place I can find pictures of the following, I would appreciate it.
Any pictures of Delta Express airplanes taken on July 5, 1999 at either Orlando International Airport, or Buffalo Airport in New York. Please remember,only on July 5, 1999.

Thank you very much..
"The" Groin

RE: Need very specific pictures..

Mon Nov 29, 1999 8:40 am

I fly for UsAirways Express on the Beech 1900D. I have trouble finding any good photos of this great airplane. Was wondering if there was any photos out there that I could find. I work spacifically for Commutair (837CA, 844CA, etc...) I would appreciate it. Thanks, Regina.

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