Need help identifying....

Sun Nov 21, 1999 6:04 am

This is my first visit to this forum. I live E. of Sacramento, CA. We live at a large private airport. On nearly a daily basis a large passenger type aircraft overflies proceeding S to N, skirting the Sierra foothills. As a subscriber to Aviation Week and a pilot myself, this one is a mystery to me. The aircraft has a T tail, with pod mounted engines midpoint between the wings and the tail. What makes it difficult to identify is that it look like some sort of stretch version, since there the 2 engines mounted on the fuselage are clearly equidistant between wing and tail. I have seen this plane as low as 6000 ft. It does appear to have a red stripe over the length of the windows. The engines are extraordinaryily loud whether it is low or when it is flying above 20,000ft. Any ideas? Thanks
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RE: Need help identifying....

Mon Nov 22, 1999 11:00 pm

verify it's a jet or a prop...? straight wing or swept back....


RE: Need help identifying....

Sun Dec 12, 1999 8:23 am

Since my post, the closest thing I could compare it with would be a DC-9, but stretched. The engines are loud enough to hear through a well insulated house with double glazed windows. We have our own airport and I am used to hearing Sea Furies and P-51s and an occasional jet. But this one really stands out with the sound it makes, and makes you look up! I'm at Eagles'Nest Airport in California. The fact the engine nacelles are forward of the tail but aft of the wings, puzzles me.

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