Air 2000 767s

Fri Dec 24, 1999 10:53 am

Has anyone got any photos of Air 2000 767s? I know there are a few already but I'm specifically looking for pictures of G-OOAL, this is their newest 767 and their only factory ordered one that's been delivered so far. The photos shown here are of G-OOAO and G-OOAN which were inherited from a takeover and not "true" Air 2000 767s. I know I'm being picky!
It's actually quite a hard aircraft to photograph, this Summer it flew mainly to St Kitts, Prolamar, Cancun and Sanford. This Winter I think it's Bahrain, Goa, Male, St Kitts and Antigua. At the moment it's unique in the fleet by having a 2 class interior. The others get theirs in April plus new deliver G-OOAM

Thanks if you can be of any help!

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