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Picture request

Wed Jan 19, 2000 9:04 am

Within the last year there was a picture printed in "FLight International" (UK Reed Publishing) of a B747 (I believe it was Air India) landing at the old Hong Kong airport, and due to a bad approach the pilot scraped an outer engine which the picture shows. Would love to find a copy of that on-line. Any help in locating it would be greatfully appreciated. Please email with info. Thank you
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RE: Picture request

Fri Feb 04, 2000 12:36 pm

Hi, Rick!!!

If you cannot find this online, I suggest you
call Flight International in the UK, and have them
print out one for you. I did this several years
ago with some photos they published, and they sent
them to me in an 8x10 format, in mailing tubes.

I don't have a recent copy of FI, but if you look
at one, inside you'll probably see a listing of
business offices, you may want to call.

It may be some leg work, but I did it,and it may
be just the ticket once you see the finished results. Bye the way, isn't a original copy better
than a scanned one!!!

Good Luck in your search......Steve

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