Aloha Airlines Flt. 243 N70711

Fri Feb 25, 2000 8:35 am

Does anyone have ANY pictures of N70711, I beleive that is the registration number of Aloha's aircraft that flew flt. 243 that had the cabin separation at FL240. I would greatly appreciate any pictures before and after the accident along with any official information anyone can provide. All information is useful to me, if you know any sources, email immediately. I'm trying to put a very coprehensive site together on this incident and interveiws with the crew onboard.


Aloha Airlines Flt. 243 N70711

Sat Feb 26, 2000 8:36 pm

I have photos when it was Aircal at SJC,,,,and SFO
for a short while......not most excellent photos, but of a good average..Reg# IS visible...hafta look for them in my collection....and I think it's a color slide.
Interested, I'll have a print made and scan it to you.
It may take a week. I have over 10,000

Lemme know

SJC Alien

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