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Su-27 Photos

Wed Mar 29, 2000 5:03 am

Does any know where I can find some good pixs of the Su-27? I worked an airshow in (Hillsboro) Oregon USA in the early 90's that 2 Su-27s flew in. It would be great if I could get pixs from that actual show.


RE: Su-27 Photos

Thu Mar 30, 2000 4:09 am

I have excellent slides of the SU-27, but not from the show I would gladely copy them for slides of equal quality mILITARY OR COMM. MARK
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RE: Su-27 Photos

Mon Apr 03, 2000 9:53 pm

Check out my site that im slowly putting together, one of the problems with having a day job ! I have pictures of Su-27/30/35 and 37's that have appeared at the Farnborough Airshows and a good selection of Mig's.

Regards Paul
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RE: Su-27 Photos

Wed May 03, 2000 2:03 am

Send me an e-mail and I will wire you a couple of pics of SU-27 in MALTA>

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