cockpit rear views

Sun Apr 09, 2000 7:38 pm

I'm looking for some rear views of the cockpit regard A320 A330/340 B777 B747.
Just what a pilot can see when he/she turn his/her face to the back either left or right.
I can find many forward views and some side views of the cockpit but unfortunately I never seen the view behind pilots.
I'm working on some 3D views of cockpit for 'X-Plane' flight simulator. Now to continue my hobby work I need to know how is made the back portion of the cockpit of those airliners.
Thank a lot in advance to the kind guy that will come through to this so 'hard to get' undertaking.
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RE: cockpit rear views

Sun May 14, 2000 5:51 am

uhhhh help

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