Fri May 26, 2000 10:34 pm

I'm looking for pics of ATA planes. Thank you in advance for your hospitality.
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RE: ATA.planes

Mon May 29, 2000 11:41 pm

if u want some pics there are 2 good ways to get them. 1st right on they have a lot, and 2nd I would write them an e-mail and they send 2 or 3 8x10's of their planes I did that a while ago and they are nice, hope this helped
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Here is a photo for you.

Fri Jun 30, 2000 12:43 am

Photo taken at London Gatwick (LGW)


RE: ATA.planes

Mon Jul 17, 2000 2:05 am

I once took a couple of shots of an ATA L-1011 visiting here in Norway during a NATO-exercise. Go to or go direct to this URL -

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