It’s never too late too see more DC-8&am

Sun Sep 03, 2000 1:46 pm

It’s never too late too see more DC-8’s!
I really enjoy I’ve told many friends about this site that soars to new heights for us airline/aviation enthusiasts. I’d like to see additional photos of DC-8 passenger cabin interiors. The original classic 50’s/early 60’s retro cabins. The ones with the curtains instead of window shades. Those classic interiors where the “gaspers” were mounted in the seatback; featuring the individual fluorescent seat mounted reading lights. These interiors were found on DC-8’s that flew on Delta and Eastern’s New York, Baltimore to Miami flights of the early to middle 1960’s.
When I was 10, we flew to Miami on Delta during the prolonged airline strike of 1966. Eastern and National were shut down. We had to fly a late night Delta DC-9 flight out of Washington National Airport (first year National Airport allowed jets) to Atlanta’s mini-Hartsfeild International Airport (A gigantic terminal for that period of time). We then switched to a Delta DC-8 for the Miami leg. These flights were delayed for various reasons. I was enthralled with Atlanta and the whole experience. (I was only 10!) My parents on the other hand were not too happy campers. My little sister was only five. During the wee hours of the early morning, my dad and I explored the massive Delta terminal at Atlanta. We left my extremely cranky mom with my slobbering snoring little sister at the gate waiting to board our DC-8. I think my dad was more interested in finding something strong to drink instead of touring Hartsfeild.
Getting back to my request. I had taken a pamphlet from the DC-8 entitled “Welcome Aboard.” This was a really cool brochure published by Delta. It showed all their aircraft at that time which included DC-7’s, DC-6’s, Convairs 340, 440 and the 880 jet. Of course the DC-8 and DC-9 were Delta’s flagship aircraft. Unfortunately, I can’t find that pamphlet. It probably got thrown out during my parent’s attempts at housecleaning. Please post photographs of this Delta classic. I’d appreciate any photos of Delta or Eastern DC-8 cabin interiors. In addition, please post pictures of Eastern DC-8’s in both the classic “Golden Falcon” and contemporary blue, green and white streamlined liveries.

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