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Wed Sep 06, 2000 3:36 pm

Hallo everybody,

my name is Michael Quandt and I work as a journalist für the german Sunday newspaper "BILD am Sonntag" (news on Sunday). Regarding a story I have to write I need your help. On July 25th a hungarian plane Spotter named Andras Kisgergely made the famous picture of the concorde which crashed in Paris. Since this day I try to get in contact with Andras. The problem: He is not registered at the university in Budapest, he is also not registered in the public phonebook.

Does anybody have: an adress of Andras in Budapest? a phone number at home or a mobile phone number? an e-mail-Adress?

If yes: please answer in this forum or send a mail to

Thank you very much for your help. Best regards,

Michael Quandt
BILD am Sonntag
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RE: search for Andras Kisgergely

Wed Sep 06, 2000 5:17 pm

Mr. Quandt,

I can't help you with the whereabouts of Mr. Kisgergely, but I would advise you to post this question in one of the more popular forums, like Civil Aviation or even Non-Aviation... Maybe after consulting with the site's Administrator, first. The Photo Requests forum is not frequented as much, I would expect.

Good luck and best regards,


RE: search for Andras Kisgergely

Wed Sep 06, 2000 6:05 pm

Dear Tristar,

thank you very much for your advise. Best regards, Michael Quandt
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RE: search for Andras Kisgergely

Fri Sep 08, 2000 8:46 am

I looked under the photographers section, and it looks like his name is on page #2 of the "A" listing. The photographers are listed by first name here if you didn't know this.

Type in your information, and maybe you'll get a response. All you do is click on his name under his photos and it will give you a page to enter your information onto. Then you wait for a reply.

SJC Alien

RE: search for Andras Kisgergely

Fri Sep 08, 2000 12:46 pm

Thank you all for your help!

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