Faichild FH227s

Sun Oct 01, 2000 1:48 pm

I am looking for any pictures of the Fairchild FH227 of the following carriers for a noncommercial webpage project.
And many thanks to all those with such pictures on airlienrs that have granted permission that i could use..
If you have any of the following carriers: Ozark, Mohawk, Piedmont, Northeast, Delta Air Lines, Delta Air transport, TAT-France, Malmo Avn, Emerald Air, Airlift Intl, Aerocaribe/Aero Monterrey, Air New England, Paraense, AeroChaco, Wein Air Alaska, or any others yo can think of.....i would appreciate it very much.....full credit will be given to all those who contribute........
Thank you.
Sincerely, Gary C. Orlando

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