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Northeast Airlines Photo Request

Wed Nov 22, 2000 11:40 am

Does anyone have any photos or know any info on Northeast Airlines. I don't mean the original one, but the one that flew in the 80's. I know only these things about the airline. It flew to San Diego, New Orleans, and St. Petersburg, among other cities. And one of it's planes, a 727, was all pink with white clouds. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanx all...Jason
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RE: Northeast Airlines Photo Request

Thu Nov 23, 2000 10:50 am

Actually Jason,

that Was called Northeastern International Airlines and i think they were based on long Island Mac Arthur Airport.

Im sorry that i dont have any pictures, but they flew not only some 727-100s but also soem DC8-50s and got a couple A300-B4s i think from Lufthansa.....The A300s are what helped to seal their fate....
Keep looking im sure that there is some one withphotos of this airlines aircraft......... 

Me , on the otherhand Im looking for FH-227 photos from the opriginal Northeast Airlines......not counting whats in airliners.net.
You might amend your photo request in here to Northeastern international... 

Take care!!!!

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