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Old QF Color Scheme

Mon Mar 26, 2001 7:29 pm

Hi All,

Im hoping you guys can help me out here. I am after any old Qantas colors schemes at all. Doesnt matter if it is 737 747 767 airbus, anything!.

I dont think i am allowed to post my website address here, but in my profile you will find my web address and on my web site there is a photo upload feature. If you have any photos like the ones i am after, please send them to me!!.....i woul dbe very thankful!.

PS, if you can be bothered going to my web site, please email them to me with a brief description and the rego if possible!!.


Thanx heaps guys and i look forward to a flood of photos!!!  Big grin
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RE: Old QF Color Scheme

Sun Apr 01, 2001 11:34 am


you forgot the 707-VJet.......the 138 hotrods and the 338s......

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