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Missing TriStar Photo's

Mon Apr 23, 2001 6:59 am

Call me sad if you wish, as I have just spent most of the weekend viewing the almost 2500 TriStar pictures on Of the 250 TriStar's that were built there are still 23 of them missing from the database (Of the ones that were identifiable), some of which are still around. So come on guys, have a look through your old collections & see if you have some of the following, & upload them to

193A-1006 N305EA N782DL N8145SD? Tradewinds?
193A-1011 N310EA w.o. MIA 1972.
193A-1121 N48354 N331EA N785DL (Internal pic only on
193C-1089 N713DA b/u Marana
193C-1090 N714DA std VCV.
193C-1135 N719DA std VCV.
193C-1147 N722DA std VCV.
193C-1163 N726DA w.o. DFW 85.
193V-1159 G-BFCB ZD949 RAF
193P-1068 JA8505 A40-TS EI-CBM EL-AKG 5N-ABB b/u 1993.
193P-1117 JA8514 b/u MHV.
193P-1119 JA8515 b/u MHV.
193P-1127 JA8516 N305GB Std ROW?
193P-1128 JA8517 b/u (Is this id# 150049?)
193S-1110 N64854 HZ-AHA std
193S-1149 HZ-AHH std
193S-1169 HZ-AHK w.o. 1980.
193S-1170 HZ-AHL std
193S-1175 HZ-AHN std
193S-1190 HZ-AHP std
193S-1214 HZ-AHR std
193Y-1208 N513PA N761DA std VCV.
193A-1011 N1011 b/u 1986

Does anyone want to try this for the 737?

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